Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ten Reasons why India lost the India v/s Eng land Series

ONE Sharad Pawar was so busy getting out of the scams he did in India that he forgot to fix the match.

TWO The Indian Cricket Squad decided to fast on runs until the Jan Lokpal Bill was passed.

THREE Sachin tried to coach his son but......instead he forgot his cricket!

FOUR Sachin wanted to keep his fans under suspense for his 100th 100

FIVE They wanted to know what it means to have eggs on their faces....or they wanted the replica of the
La Tomatina Festival

SIX Fearing the ghost of W.G.Grace  at Lords

SEVEN M.S.Dhoni in an exclusive interview (Which took place in my Dreams) stated that his bat got exchanged and hence forgot how to bat.

EIGHT Zaheer khan  had got his whites dirtied a lot, fearing the beatings from his mother he ran of the ground giving the excuse of an injury the started trying to clean them and it took him the rest of the series.Hence, the absence of a bowler had for the first time in his been felt.

NINE As we all know the ICT plays in the spirit of the Game.M.S.D, S.RT, Yuvi and R.D had a 10hour long debate on whether India deserves this title or not. Later, they came to the conclusion that the country "Every Country must be first in their National Game" and M.S.D told me exclusively(In my dreams of course) "Well,Of course  you see last night I,Sachin,Yuvi and R.D had a serious discussion on whether India must maintain its World No.1 title or not. Later we came up with this scheme  'Every Country must be first in their National Game' . We told it to the rest of the team and they all agreed with this.Hoping that we are given  first, we have planned to lose all the matches in this series!"

TEN hmm....running out of reasons....probably because I had too much homework and couldn't watch the match!!!!

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